Beginners Guide: First Steps In TS Dating

Do you want to meet a trans girl? Well, not so long ago this would almost be a mission impossible. But today, thanks to the Internet and all those dating sites, this is not so hard to do. If you are new in this type of dating world, keep reading.

Beginners Guide

TS dating isn’t so different from any other kind of dating, except for trans women are little harder to find. The easiest way to get in touch with them is through dating sites. So stretch those fingers because you have some typing to do.

Go online

TS women usually look like any other women, so it is hard for you to know which one has a little more meat under her clothes. Many trans girls are online looking for a loving relationship or just a fling. If you are looking for transgender dates create a profile on some of the most popular TS dating sites and start looking for your girl.

Creating a profile

Creating a good dating profile is like leaving a great first impression. Be confident, funny, and write about your good qualities. Just be careful not to come off as to cocky, because that can be a big turn off.

Sending a message

You would wanna start with a simple greeting or a question about her interests, not a dick pick or a photo with your shirt off. It can make you look desperate.


Transgender dating is like any other and the girl wants to feel wanted and respected. If you are always talking about her being a trans or boring her with trans issue questions, she won’t find you interesting at all. Avoid any gender related talk when you are getting to know each other.

Stranger danger

Just because you have been chatting for some time, doesn’t mean you can trust this person completely. Never reveal your personal info such as credit card number, address or even a cell phone number on dating sites.

There is plenty of fish in the sea

Remember that you are here to meet some TS ladies, not spend a lifetime in the chat room. As soon as you click with someone, ask them out on a date in the real world. Maybe you get along online, but you can’t judge chemistry unless you meet up.

Offline world

When you have agreed to meet up, choose public place. This is always a good idea when it comes to Internet dating. Act like a gentleman and treat your date with respect. Women react to charming and funny men, so don’t force the trans talk. Compliment her outfit or her hair, open the restaurant door for her and ask questions which are about her and not her gender. Put your cards on the table, it’s important to see if you are on the same page. Let her know if you want just a fling or you up for something more meaningful. If you want different things, hey, there are plenty more TS women online who can be right for you.

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